Simple checks to save you money and time – Electrics

With the cost of living soaring and most people needing to review their unnecessary spending we thought it might be useful to highlight some of the simple things that you can check around and about your vehicle. Some will save you money straight away and some will help prevent bigger bills later.
Spend five minutes carrying out these simple checks every few weeks – and certainly before a long journey or an MOT.


There are plenty of electrics in your car – from headlights and fog lights to your battery – and they all need to be checked regularly to keep you safe.
Walk around the car and make sure your lights are all working, even the number plate lights, as you can be fined for having a registration that can’t be seen. We’ve had cars fail the MOT test for number plate illumination issues.
If your engine struggles to start when you turn the key, get the battery checked out with us. If your battery is over four years old, it may be getting to the end of its life and could let you down.
Some cars will start shutting down superfluous gadgets like stop/start technology, heated seats, boot openers etc if the battery is struggling, before starting the engine becomes a noticeable problem.

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