Simple checks to save you money and time – oil

With the cost of living soaring and most people needing to review their unnecessary spending we thought it might be useful to highlight some of the simple things that you can check around and about your vehicle. Some will save you money straight away and some will help prevent bigger bills later.
Spend five minutes carrying out these simple checks every few weeks – and certainly before a long journey or an MOT.


We’ve read reports that RAC patrols check the oil level of every vehicle they attend and find one in three are dangerously low. This can cause a breakdown and lead to premature engine wear or catastrophic engine damage if left unresolved.
It is normally easy to check your oil level on a dipstick. (Don’t ask mechanics opinions of vehicle design engineers who think that its good not to have a dipstick.)
If you are not sure how, come and talk to us for a quick demonstration or have a look at your owner’s manual.
If you need to top up, check your manual for the correct oil for your car e.g. 5W-20, or 5W-30 etc. Most oils can be bought from your local Automotive parts shop or garage. Always take care and top up to the correct amount, use the dip stick to check as you go. Overfilling can damage your engine and associated components.

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