Simple checks to save you money and time – Tyres

With the cost of living soaring and most people needing to review their unnecessary spending we thought it might be useful to highlight some of the simple things that you can check around and about your vehicle. Some will save you money straight away and some will help prevent bigger bills later.
Spend five minutes carrying out these simple checks every few weeks – and certainly before a long journey or an MOT.


Tyre pressure checking is one key to happy motoring. Making sure your tyres are set to the correct pressure for the load you are carrying will help to prevent premature tyre wear. Tyre pressures for your car/van can usually be found in the door aperture, petrol flap or owner’s manual.
Check your tyres for general wear and tear, splits or bulges, and crucially tread depth.
Modern tyres normally come with an indicator nodule at several points around the tyre tread. When the tyre is worn down to the level of this nodule it time to replace them.
Nodules will indicate the wear on your tyre.
If your tyre has a split or cut that is deep enough so that you can see or feel the cords or canvas, then it is an MOT failure and is considered a dangerous condition if you get stopped by the police for any reason.
This tyre is worn and the cords are showing, it is not legal.
This tyre is worn and the cords are showing, it is not legal.

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