Simple checks to save you money and time – Wipers and screen wash

With the cost of living soaring and most people needing to review their unnecessary spending we thought it might be useful to highlight some of the simple things that you can check around and about your vehicle. Some will save you money straight away and some will help prevent bigger bills later.
Spend five minutes carrying out these simple checks every few weeks – and certainly before a long journey or an MOT.

Wipers and screen wash

Check that your wipers are clearing your windscreen effectively. It is frequently an MOT failure, as is not having washer fluid. Both checks are very easy to do, you don’t even need to leave the driver’s seat to perform them.
Screen wash is important all year round. In winter,  snow and grit cause dirty windscreens, while in summer, bugs and pollen can easily smear your view – so never put off checking your levels.
Your owner’s manual will tell you where to top up the washer fluid. Which you can buy in concentrated form to dilute with water yourself, or you can buy pre-mixed, and it can be poured straight in. Just check what strength you need depending on if its summer or winter. They will contain different levels of an anti-freezing agent depending on the weather temperature.
Wipers can sometimes be tricky to change if you are unfamiliar with them, and there are a few different fitting options.
As a word of warning, don’t allow the naked metal wiper arms to spring back suddenly onto your windscreen as it can cause damage.
If you are at all worried about changing your own wipers do feel free to give us a call to arrange for us to change them for you. We do keep some in stock, but not every variation so we might have to order some in for you.

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